Cactus Flower Set

Cactus Flower makes me think of hot days in Arizona. The cacti are blooming and the floral scent lingers in the air. 


  • Jewelry 
  • Body 

The jewelry piece in this set is a three-strand bracelet. The  first strand is 2mm high polish sterling silver beads. The second strand is genuine faceted 2mm sunstone beads. The third strand is genuine faceted 2mm blue agate beads. The bracelet clasp is made of fine silver S clap. 

The body products are made to provide a relaxing and unified scent. Soak in the milk bath, wash off with the bar soap, and moisturize with the lotion.The milk bath needs to be washed off after soaking (it's made with dry milk powder).  

~ Cactus Flower scented body soap bar

~ Cactus Flower scented milk bath

~ Cactus Flower scented lotion

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