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Moments of Happiness

What Brings You Happiness?Staying positive has never been more important. It's been almost 4 weeks since the stay-at-home ban was placed.Finding the small things that bring us joy is essential.Earlier this year, I made a list of 20 things to do in 2020 that are for me. I was able to check off a couple of things but most will have to wait. I shifted my focus to what things at my house bring me happiness. ~ Reading I am a huge fan of Rachel Hollis. I listen to her podcasts, read her blog, and I am rereading and highlighting...

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empty nester meditation redefine take care of me

2020 is about redefining who I am This is my mantra for 2020. Redefine who I am and my goals. My daughter is starting her 2nd semester at college.  While K seems to be adjusting well to being out of the house, I am still a scattered mess. When 18 to 19 years of our life is spent focusing on our child, we have to figure out how to switch that focus onto ourselves. Part of redefining me is setting a daily routine and working on doing some of the goals listed on my 20 for 2020 list. My daily...

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20 For 2020

20 for 2020 empty nester take care of me

Time To  Take Care of  ME I have gotten hooked on digital planning. Creating a digital planner is therapeutic for me. Decorating and actually writing in it though are two different things. HAHA. While searching for layout ideas, I came across a 20 for 2020 layout.The layout ideas range from doing 20 reps of an exercise to trying 20 new recipes to 20 goals for 2020. This month I have been thinking about by daughter attending college and my house being kid free and what that means for me. I had been thinking that this year is a year to...

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Finally Thanksgiving Break

I am thankful for my no longer empty nest for the next week. Kalea came home a few days earlier than I expected. It's going to be a busy, tiring, but fun week. Baking, cooking, shopping, and just spending time together. I can't wait!  WHAT WE DID ALL WEEK Fun Times Kalea is such a cake artist. She loves baking. She baked a vanilla and apple pie spice 2-layer cake with roasted caramelized walnuts. Vanilla and apple pie spice buttercream icing. IT TASTED SO GOOD! Thanksgiving  It's a full day of cooking for us. Usually it's just me, Kalea ,...

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